Update-One Month Post-Grad

So today marks one month since I graduated college. May 7, 2017 I walked across the stage ( did not receive my diploma-they are mailed to us) and I did it. So much has happened in this past month that needs some updating.


Since graduation was on a Sunday, my family came to my house starting Friday and we had a little celebration on Saturday. When my mom and her siblings each graduated from Penn State, my Poppy had their names put on a banner. Well, my Grammy had a section made with my name and graduation year to add to the bottom of the banner. I was so incredible to see this and know that I did it. I accomplished one of my biggest goals this far in life! The actual ceremony was Sunday up at school and I got to sit next to my best friend which made it all the more special. Down below are some quick snapshots from the weekend!

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Applying for Certification:

I ended up applying for certification two days after graduation. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible because I plan on taking the PRAXIS to become certified for 5th and 6th grade as well as middle level English. I also wanted to get some days in as a substitute, just to gain some more experience–more on that coming. The application process was really easy and Penn State was very quick in their response of support. My application was officially approved on June 1, 2017!

Substitute Teaching:

I started substitute teaching a week and a half after graduation. I applied on a Wednesday and had my on boarding meeting the next Tuesday. My first day subbing was that Thursday. I only got a few days in for this school year, but those days provided some different experiences and boosted my confidence, like “Hey, I CAN do this!”. I am applying for a full-time teaching position for next year, but if I do decide to long term sub, or daily sub, I have that option too!

Work Zone:

This summer I am working as a Day Camp Counselor for our local recreation department. This is a new job for me as the last few summers I babysat. I’m looking forward to meeting all my co-counslers and having a fun summer! We have kids in first through eighth grades. Each day we get to take them to the pool and once a week we’ll go on a field trip. Let me know if posts on summer activities for kids is something you’d be interested in! In addition to Day Camp, I am continuing my volunteer work with PAWS and playing with some cute reduce kitties on a weekly basis.

What’s Next?:

As I mentioned before, I am applying for full-time teaching positions and I’m excited to continue through the job search process. I am going to the beach in July so hopefully I’ll be able to do a few blogs about that as the summer progresses! For the blog I plan on continuing my bookshelf updates each month and once I get a job and start planning out my classroom expect some posts about all that fun too!

Hope you all are having a great day. What is one post you want to see this summer!? Let me know down below. 🙂



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