The Adventures of J & O: Engagement Extravaganza

Well…it has been six months since this happened, and I should probably get around to blogging about it!

On April 21, 2017 J and I got engaged! He proposed at one of our favorite spots on my college campus and his best friend got the whole thing on camera.


J came up to visit for the weekend–it was the weekend for the Blue & White football game at Penn State. He took Friday off for his birthday and ended up getting himself the best gift of all…a fianc√© haha! But he picked me up at my dorm and then we went to got meet up with his best friend and his girlfriend. I will forever be so grateful to the both of them for capturing this special moment and sharing it with us.

We went and took a walk and when we got the our favorite spot J asked me if I wanted some m&ms and took out blue and white ones. Now, if I was smart I would’ve noticed something was up, but as I was looking at the m&ms and reading what was written on them, J got on one knee and my heart started racing.

He spoke to me, wonderful things, but that’s for me to know ūüėČ and ultimately he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES!


Did I mention the Nittany Lion was there to take a picture!?

We walked around as I called various family members who weren’t at all shocked!¬†Apparently both of our families knew that this was going to happen and many of my friends did as well. Shoutout to you all for keeping such a good surprise!

The next day was the football game and our parents had set up an engagement party tailgate. It was just a sweet continuation of the best days of my life.

We were able to go back to Penn State this weekend and watch our Nittany Lions crush the Michigan Wolverines. It was so special to be up there on the anniversary of our engagement.






Conversation St(hearts)ers

Happy Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day whichever you are celebrating this year! Today while scrolling through Facebook I saw a blog post written by my friend Kelly (check out her blog¬†here). Kelly came up with a list of 14 questions and she and her husband, Nathan, each answered them about each other. I asked her if it would be okay if I took her idea and used it on my blog with J…so here goes!!

What is the first memory you have of me, or anything to do with us

O-I remember meeting you at district band. I was nervous…but I think that was mainly because I was at district band and one of the youngest from Township that year.¬†

J-Meeting you at district band and thinking you were a nerd. 

What is your favorite physical attribute of mine?

O-Your hair…except not when it’s short lol. Your eyes…when you smile.¬†

J-Your eyes–because they’re pretty.
Is there any area in which you wish you could be more like me?

O-You are so much more musical than I am and you seem fearless sometimes and I wish I could be like that.

J-Your organizational skills are better than mine, but nothing else because you’re weird.
What is the funniest memory you have about me/us?

O-Oh gosh…there are a bunch. You trying to teach me to parallel park–that was a laugh. Forgetting the “pretzel” and that joke definitely lives on!

J-When you tried to spell Flyers with a ph and were confused why it didn’t match with the spelling of Philadelphia.¬†
What is your favorite thing to do with me?

O-Getting food (WEGMANS) and watch movies or TV. I like being able to do nothing but still have it be fun and a great time.

J-Cuddles and getting food and eating–it’s a hobby.
Do you have a favorite date that we’ve gone on?

O-Taylor Swift concert hands down, but recently, seeing Home Alone at the Kimmel Center 

J-Going to Philadelphia for the Flyers game. 
What three adjectives best describe me?

O-Kind, Nurturing, Dedicated/Stubborn  

J-Kind, Honest, Loving
What is the best way to cheer me up?

O-Giving you a food you like and doing or saying something stupid. 

J-By making a cute joke. 
Where would you most like to go/be with me?

O-Disney is on that list for sure, but Europe. I want you to show me your favorite places.

What is my love language?

O-Physical Touch for sure but I think Quality Time is probably a close second. 

J-Quality Time 
What is your favorite quirk/annoying thing about me?

O-Your snoring…even though I complain about it sometimes lol

J-Your worrying 
What aspect of our relationship are you most proud of?

O-We’ve almost made it through the distance and I’m proud of us for being there for each other, ¬†making this work, and sticking through it all.¬†

J-Our understanding of each other. 
Where do you see us 10 Valentine’s Days from now?

O-Reluctently celebrating it like we do now…maybe as a family?¬†

J-Having a family date. 
What celebrity would they want to spend Valentine’s Day with?

O-Taylor Swift, Mila Kunis, Anna Kendrick

J-Taylor Swift 

Thanks, Kelly for this awesome idea and letting me use it as well. I hope every one has a happy day regardless of how you’re celebrating! Let me know down below what your favorite tradition is or if you and you significant other participated in this as well!


We’re both dorks, but I love you J. Thanks for being my Valentine always.

‚̧ -O

Sit Down//Catch Up-Winter Break

Wowza! This winter break has been such a whirlwind. I went home on December 12, 2016 and returned to school for my LAST SEMESTER OF UNDERGRAD on January 8, 2016. That’s crazy.

The first week I was home I took & passed the last two tests in my certification series. This is such a huge weight off my shoulders! At the end of that first week I traveled to Philadelphia (Dec. 18th-21st) to visit J at his place for a few days. We wanted to spend a little pre-Christmas time together & I wanted to see his tree!

While I was there we went to Wegmans (of course) & we did a small gift exchange. J had the best idea to take $20 and go to the Dollar Store and get as many things, both useful and random, that we could for the other person. I got him these nerf gun tube things that were super intriguing to me! He got¬†me some of my favorite candy and made a sort of “student teacher survival kit”, complete with purple pens. He also surprised me with tickets to see Home Alone at the Kimmel Center! It was a great few days.

Then I went home and soon it was time to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! My grammy came to visit for the season and I had some wonderful family time with both my family and J’s.¬†15873157_10207420199814355_6104656898482070088_n

Then J and I traveled to Washington, DC (Dec. 26th-28th) with my parents and grammy to meet up with more of my family. We were celebrating the holidays & my mom’s birthday! We did a lot: walked to the White House, we took my cousins to the International Spy Museum, visited Union Station, & went to dinner with everyone.

We came home on and I got ready to travel to the Rose Bowl with the Blue Band! I started back to campus on the 30th for a rehearsal and then we flew to California the 31st! The game was Jan. 2nd & we flew home the next day and I finally arrived back in Lancaster on Jan. 4th. The trip was an experience of a lifetime and I’m so thankful I got to enjoy it with so many of my friends. It also marked the end of my career with the Blue Band–how unreal is that!? What a way to go out huh?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I’m finally back to school for this semester and so far it have been crazy busy, but¬†good! I hope to keep this type of post going each month to bullet out what big things have happened during each month.

What adventures did you go on during the holiday season or your break?

Have a great day!


J & O Take on Graduation!

*An open letter to J as he graduates and embarks on the next phase of his life.*

Dear J,

You did it. After 5 years and a few summer classes you did it. You did what some, even yourself at points, doubted you could do. You graduated!!


You are now certified and able to teach music in three states. Holy Cow. You’ve been applying and interviewing since February. You’ve been venturing out on your own to new places and meeting new people. These places and people may soon become your home and friends.

I have no doubt that come September you will be employed and fingers crossed it is one of your dream placements. :p No matter if you’re in PA, VA, ¬†MD, or anywhere else in the world I’ll always be there with you; if not in person, in your heart.

I’ve got one final year to get through, but then we’ll be in the same city again. We’ll be making a difference and changing the lives of students all around us.

I love you so much and I’m for proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Thank you of allowing me to be by your side on this journey.


Lots of Love ALWAYs. You’re my STAR.



J & O Take Philadelphia

Howdy friends! I have been working on planning some posts for the next few weeks as we continue into January and then progress into February (MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!). J and I took a trip to Philadelphia the other day (1/5) and I thought about starting this new series for my blog: “The Adventures of J & O”. We go on a lot of adventures, trips to State College, the beach, we have gone to New York City, and just random drives, so I thought this would be an interesting series to write and to follow!

For Christmas I got J tickets to a Flyer’s game. It happened to be the THON game, and since I go to Penn State and participate in an organization for the dance marathon we host in February, I was happy to support this cause and make my guy happy. But since the game was in the evening, we decided to make a whole day of it!

We drove down in the morning and stopped at a huge combined Marshall’s and Home Goods to spend some christmas money. Then we continued on into the city and stopped to get some lunch. We drove through the Italian Mark


I was in food HEAVEN!

et, but didn’t really stop because many places seemed to be closed and it was really chilly out. But we wanted to get some cheesesteaks so of course
we stopped at Pat’s and the went across the street to Geno’s. I had never been to either place so I let J order for us and oh man oh wow was I missing out!


From there we went to the Franklin Institute. There was an exhibit there highlighting the Vatican and coinciding Pope Francis’s visit to the City of Brotherly Love. Since J grew up going to Catholic school he was really interested in seeing it so we went! Our tickets for the exhibit were for 2:00 so we had plenty of time to kill looking at (and playing with) the other exhibits the museum had to offer.


Pretending I’m Meredith Grey!¬†


J building a dam.


Surviving an earthquake! 

Later that evening we headed to the hockey game. This was only my second hockey game and my first NHL one. Growing up with family in Pittsburgh, I was taught to like the Penguins. But I wasn’t allowed to admit that because apparently Philly sports fans are ruthless. The game was a lot of fun, the Flyers ended up winning and I got some Chickie’s and Pete’s crabfries!

I’m so glad we took this adventure together. It is one that I’ll remember for a long time and it was a nice way to end our winter breaks! Onward to a new semester of 23 credits for me, and student teaching for J!

As always thanks for stopping by and ¬†comment below with your thoughts and ideas for any upcoming posts. Also let me know if you’d like to see more of the “Adventures of J & O”!!

Ring Rant.

Not really a post, just a random thought, musing, annoyance I’m not sure what to call it.

But I was driving home from work today and in my 20 min. drive, four…that’s right, FOUR commercials for different jewelers came on trying to sell engagement rings. Now I’m not sure if it’s the fact that a couple that I graduated with got married last weekend or that I know a lot of other people getting/thinking about getting engaged at ages 19/20/21 or the fact that (not so) secretively, I can not wait until my time comes…but by the end of my drive I nearly ripped out my stereo system.

But by all means Congratulations and best wishes to all the newly engaged folks out there.

And J? If you’re reading…Although I know you aren’t…here are some hints. ūüėČ

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